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Florida College aims to provide higher education with a biblical perspective, create an environment for personal godly development and prepare students for better service to their Creator and humanity. The primary responsibility of our students is to reach their highest possible level of academic achievement. Florida College equips students with opportunities to develop qualities of leadership, cooperation and creativity. The faculty is committed to helping young people obtain a sound academic foundation in the liberal arts in an atmosphere conducive to moral and spiritual development. The development office created the Leadership Dinner in 2008 to connect local businesses in our community with Florida College. Our students are given the opportunity to meet business leaders, while these companies experience the mission of Florida College and the values we are striving to teach our students. A distinguished speaker is chosen each year to come and speak on the value of ethical leadership in the workplace. Alumni, volunteers, friends, businesses and students come together to enjoy an evening of food, fellowship and encouragement. Each year, the Leadership Dinner provides scholarships for our students and opportunities to connect with local companies. Businesses appreciate the hard work ethic, integrity and high moral standard to which our student hold themselves. The Leadership Dinner is just one example of the many occasions our students have to receive real world experience and application outside of the classroom.

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